Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

1.  I caught up on the chores I usually do on Monday since it was a holiday yesterday.
2.  The flag is still flying on my house.  I love the way it looks in a breeze and I especially love the really big ones that businesses fly year round.   When the wind is just right, it actually waves and it makes me so proud that I am an American.  I will need to take mine down though because we have such horrible winds that the bottom is tearing.  I will either have to fix it or burn it.
3.  Ate at home tonight.  We are trying to eat at home a little more often.  Sometimes it costs more to eat at home than go out, but I am sure it is healthier when you know what you are getting.  We had goulash made with my homemade tomato juice.  Wayne made it and thought he was seasoning it with paprika but poured cloves in it.  I had to put it all in a colander and wash it.  I could taste a faint hint of cloves but it wasn't bad.
4.  Talked to Colett for a while on the phone.  They have had some stress lately and I think it helps to talk it out.  I am so glad she feels she can call me.  I will always have her back.

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