Sunday , May 13th, 2012

1.  I taught Relief Society today.  It was on prayer.  It is a subject dear to my heart and some of the sister's comments touched me deeply.
2.  The girls and grand kids came to dinner and it was delicious.  Nick ate 3 of the pork steaks, his salad and potatoes and then had 2 bowls of ice cream and then 2 slices of bread.  Where does he put it?  He is so slim and acts like he is starving all the time.  Boy, I wish I had his metabolism.
3.  The girls gave me wonderful gifts for Mother's Day. Colett gave me a lemon scented soy candle and Amy gave me a terrarium that she had made.  Wayne got me flowers and a GC to JCP so I can get a summer outfit.  The ward gave all mothers a king size KitKat bar.  Sometimes it pays to me a Mother.  I'm a dark chocolate girl but I can share it with the kids.
4.  Shon called at 11:00 I think.  I was asleep but it was great that he called.  I miss him.
5.  Nothing is as important to me as my family so I am so happy that I am close to all of mine.  I feel so blessed to be a daughter of an amazing mother, a mother, wife and grandmother.  At times it just brings me to tears thinking of it. I am grateful also that my daughters and daughter in law are such good mothers and I wish them all a Happy Mother's day.

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