Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

1.  Wayne and I opened new accounts at Mountain America Credit Union.  I was so tired of getting all the hidden and extra fees from Wells Fargo.  Now I get free checking, free checks, free online access and transfers, and points to use toward Amazon to get books for my Kindle. Why didn't I do this years ago?  We will remember the change over because it was leap year, and leap day.
2.  We went to Idaho again on a little over night trip.  When we got to Idaho Falls it was snowing like crazy.  We hadn't seen weather like this since we moved from Montana.  We got a motel room at Le Ritz.  They have their winter rates and the motel is very nice.  I like these little 2 days adventures.  We got out of the house and got to spend quality time together.
3.  While in Idaho we went to the dollar movie theatre to see "Sherlock Holmes".  It's actually $2.50 per ticket.  We got a small popcorn and pop and shared them so the whole night was $10.00.  I like those rates.  The movie was pretty good and now we need to see the first one. 
4.  The snow was bad but the car was great with the seat warmers and good mileage.  We grabbed some lunch at Butter Burr's in Pocatello because they claim to have the best home made pies and lots of kinds to choose from.  Well, once again they did not have cherry.  What does a girl have to do to find cherry pie anymore?  They had about 20 kinds including "oatmeal" pie but not cherry? Their breads are homemade and they have real mashed potatoes.  I had a salad and pastrami sandwich but tasted Wayne's potatoes and they really were real.  We will go there again.
5.  We had a room with a view of the Snake River.  It was beautiful but too cold and snowy to see much.  We want to go to the old historic downtown one of these days but not in the weather we saw this trip. Maybe in the spring...I saw several antique stores I need to check out.

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