Saturday, March 17th, 2012

1.  Happy St. Patrick's Day to all of us.  Jill made corned beef and cabbage and bought Irish soda bread for dinner.  I had never had corned beef before and it was really good.  She also added potatoes and carrots to the mix.
2.  Wayne and I went to town to try to see the Wyoming capital building but it was closed on Saturday as was the museum.  We were disappointed.  Most museums are open on Saturday and closed on Monday.
3.  We wandered down to the old train depot and an Irish bagpipe band was playing for St. Patrick's Day.  I would never buy a CD of bagpipes, but I love to watch and hear them in real life.  We wandered down the streets and looked at the old architecture on the many buildings.  I had forgotten my camera (dang it) but Wayne may have gotten a few photos with his I-Phone.  I am amazed at the care and artistry that went in to buildings in the 1800's and early 1900's.  Many of the elements can hardly been see because they are so high up, but the craftmanship is beautifully detailed.
4.  Wayne's siblings literally played card games for 9 hours.  I can't do anything for that long.  I read, got on the computer, played with Kelly's baby, watched TV and just watched them play.  I hate cards unless it is solitaire on the computer.  I may seem anti-social but I never grew up with cards or any games as far as that goes so I didn't learn to like them.  They should be used to it after 40 years though.
5.  My ankle was so swollen today that Wayne's niece (who is a physical therapist) loaned me a pair of compression socks to wear to see if they might  help.  I slept in them and my ankle was actually normal sized in the morning.  I will have to get some but at $20 a pair I will be selective.  She said the best were a brand called Athletic Recovery.  I had to write it here because I will never remember otherwise. I need some brain food these days.

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