Monday, March 19th, 2012

1.  We got up early and went to the historic part of Golden. CO to tour the downtown. There were a lot of really nice statues on most corners of the streets and though I forgot my camera, Wayne took some photos with his I-Phone.  The weather was a little cool but I walked in shirt sleeves on the sunny side of the street.
2.  I found a little antique shop and since I collect hatpins, I always check to see if I can find any.  There are a lot of fakes out there and rarely any  good buys, but today I was in luck.  I found an authentic, but small and very cute one, for $10.  I will have to clean it up a bit, but it is unheard of any more to find any real hat pin for under $25.
3.  Wayne had his business meeting and I sat in the car and read with the window open. The air smelled like cooking grain, which I guess that's what it is at a beer factory.  He felt like it was a good meeting and made some good headway on a deal he is working on.  Fingers are stilled crossed.
4.  We went to the Red Rocks amphitheatre for a tour.  It was an amazing sight with 10,000 seats nestled up in the tops of huge red boulders.  It was established in the early 1900's but most of the concerts starting in the 1940's.  Everyone from the Beatles to opera singers have performed there and supposedly the acoustics are the finest around.  Afterward we stopped at the general store and got a new Christmas ornament for our traveling collection.  We then had lunch at the Blue Cow diner in Morrison.  We didn't expect a lot but we ordered salads that were beyond good.  They contained baby green beans, broccoli, baby peas, baby carrots,  baby Brussels sprouts, sunflower seeds, and spring mix.  We are still talking about those salads and want to try to replicate them.
5.  We then went on to the Silverthorne outlets and stopped at a kitchen store.  We got a new meat mallet.  We have been using the same wooden one we have had for 40 some years.  It is worn out and the handle came off once and hit Wayne in the head. You would think we would have gotten one years ago.  Why didn't we?  I don't know. I guess you just get used to your old stuff.  I also found a shirt at J Crew and some half boots.
6.  We ended up at Glenwood Springs.  It is a touristy town with hot springs spas everywhere.  Our motel was lovely again and we just had pizza for dinner at Pizza Hut.  It has been years since we had eaten at one and I had forgotten how good it was.  We shared  a personal size Hawaiian pizza with pineapple and Canadian bacon and we shared a personal size chicken pasta.  I write down all the places we eat because Wayne is a real foodie and can remember every place and item he has eaten in the last 40 years.  I can't remember from one year to the next so now I have a frame of reference when he makes me feel inadequate for not remembering.  If it's an unusual place I usually remember, but he can remember every mall food court, every Subway or Wendy's from Montana to New York.

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