Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

1.  Today would have been my Grandpa Marchant's birthday and now it's only 11 months until Christmas.
2. I went with Wayne to Ashton, ID today as he did some business.  I like riding and sitting in the car as he does his work. I just read.  Ashton was really covered in snow and you couldn't differentiate the roads  from the land on either of it.   I haven't seen snow like that since we lived in Montana.  It reminded me how I don't want to live there in the winter.
3.  We ate lunch at a restaurant called the Stockman (I think) in Idaho Falls and had a great prime rib sandwich.  I just take off the bread and have a nice prime rib for half the price of ordering a steak.  For dinner we shared a salad and had a slice of cherry cobbler.  The pie cherries were from Montana.  We had to laugh because when we ordered, we ordered the cherry pie.  The waitress came back and said they were out.  That is the third time I have been "needing" some cherry pie and got all excited, only to be told they were out.   I haven't had any since last February when Costco got it in for President's Day.  Nobody has cherry pie any more.  The cobbler was very good though and will get me by until this February when Costco gets it in again.
4.  Our hotel was lovely, clean and only $79 because of the  winter rates.  It had a king sized bed and we are thinking that might be the way to go next time we buy a bed.  Wayne usually faces me when he sleeps and his arm is always under my pillow.  Could that be why I wake up a lot? Hmmmmmm
5.  Hurting a little tonight but not too badly.

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