Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

1.  Amy is finally feeling better.  She had a good day so it was good for me too.
2.  Amy is making a page for a soft book.  Her craft club ladies are all doing a page so when it's done there will be about 20 I think.  She was able to get most of it done today.
3.  I must be missing something in my diet because I have been craving salad.  I eat a lot of vegetables but maybe the infections are dong something to me.  We went to the Pizza Pie Cafe and I loaded up.  It just hit the spot.  I made such a bog one I thought maybe I couldn't finish it but I ate it all.  I piled it with broccoli, spinach, and all the good things my body might need. 
4.  I worked on the Christmas decorating again.  I got quite a bit done.  I had to take breaks to rest but it's not feeling like a chore and I played Christmas music all day.
5.  Wes had come and gotten Emerson so he could rest at home and so that Amy wouldn't get the crud we all have.  He said E was still sick and that he had slept by him to make sure he was OK.  I'm sure there was not much rest for Wes last night.

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