Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

1.  It's snowing big beautiful flakes.  It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.
2.  Wayne took the day off so we could go Christmas shopping.  I had everything all written out, coupons in hand, ideas for most, and the Christmas station on the radio.  Yahoo, we got almost all of it done.
3.  We lunch at Penny Ann's in SLC.  We had heard they had the best Reuben sandwich in the state so we tried it  It was really good but don't be in a hurry if you go.  Sloooow service.  It is a quaint place though, and was voted to have the best mint cream pie in Utah too.  I had my heart set on cherry pie but they didn't have it.  I am on a quest to find the best cherry pie in the state.  Where do I go?
4.  We stopped to take Amy her essential oils and got to see all her house decorated up.  She was feeling pretty well today.  We missed Wes and E as they were out running errands,  We could tell they were gone because we saw a large and a tiny set of footprints in the snow headed out to the car.  It was a cute thing to see.
5.  I came home and wrapped more gifts and listened to my boyfriend "Michael Buble" sing Christmas songs to me.  We got his new Christmas CD.

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