Wednesday, November 16th

1.  Susan Welton brought me a warm loaf of home-made wheat bread.  I was so grateful.  It was her birthday and I gave her half of her gift.  I will make it up to her later.
2.  Amy and Emerson came for the night.  Amy was pretty sick and Emerson very good so it wasn't a bad night.  Amy is so much better than she was during her last pregnancy and is actually gaining weight instead of losing it.
3.  I did sneak out for an hour to go to book club.  I hadn't been out in a while.  I'm not contagious and it was fun to get together with the girls again.  Julie had made cream puffs and popcorn. 
4.  Amy was well enough to put E to bed so we all retired early. 
5.  Wayne had a good day in Spokane and stayed at a hotel that actually served a light buffet dinner to their guests.  I have never heard of that.  He had the potato bar.  He stayed at Quality Inn so we will have to look into that again when we travel.

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