Saturday, November 19th, 2011

. It was a miracle....I slept through the night. I can't even remember when that last happened. I think my body finally couldn't take lack of sleep any longer and crashed. Yea!
2. Lunch with Wayne at 5 Guys
3. I got a new little tool at Home Depot to clean out the drains. It cost $2.50. The drains weren't plugged but I had seen on an HGTV show where you should get this tool and clean out the drains before they do plug. OH MY GOSH, you wouldn't believe the hair and gunk that came out of there. Granted, it had been 9 years since the sink was put in, but wow, does that tool work great. Then I poured down soda and vinegar to make it smell good.
4. We went to a wedding reception for Wayne's cousin in SLC tonight.  It was nice to see everyone again.  Why do we wait years to get together?  If it wasn't for funerals and weddings, we would never get together. 
5.  The wedding reception was in an art gallery.  There were some beautiful paintings but very few under $3,000 and I know I can paint as well as half of them.  It made me want to get out my paints again. 

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