Monday, November 28th, 2011

1.  Emerson woke up and is worse.  I gave him some cold medication but his chest is really tight and he can't talk.
2.  Amy is so sick that she couldn't do anything today.  We ended up taking her to the clinic.  They gave her a 2 bag I.V.  She has been throwing up non-stop for 3 days.
3.  I ended up going to the doctor too.  When I got out of the shower, my biopsy site started bleeding and oozing puss.  I am on another round of antibiotics and if things don't get better soon, I will go for a chest x-ray.  Aren't' we just a healthy, happy family?  Wes kept calling to see how everyone is but he sounded just as bad.
4.  On a lighter note,  Wayne is feeling really good today and I pray it stays that way.  We are eating little, drinking lot of liquids, and watching TV.  My house is full of boxes waiting to be emptied of their Christmas contents.  Soon, house, soon.  Also, while we were waiting for Amy's I.V.'s to finish, E and I drove through the neighborhoods to see if they had any Christmas decorations up and many did.  Lots of pretty wreaths, porch decorations and lights already.
5.  Thankful to have medical clinics very close to home.


Colett (*.*) said...

I will not be coming over anytime soon, yuck! sorry about Ollie peeing twice, what the heck?

Susan said...

Wow, you have really had a rough time lately. Hope you all get well soon. Glad to hear Wayne is doing good. Poor Amy sure has a rough time being pregnant. You are probably going nuts not being able to decorate for Christmas. I finally got mine done, but it only takes me two days. Get well soon so you can start enjoying your favorite time of year.