Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

1.  Got up early and just had fruit, muffins and yogurt for breakfast and started back to Utah.  We said good-by to Amy, Wes and E as they were going through Montana and Idaho to go home.  We chose to go though Wyoming. It was a wonderful trip and went very quickly for us.  We usually long for our own bed about this time but all the beds we slept in along the way were really nice.
2.  Stopped in Worland, WY and went to their new museum of dinosaurs and life on the plains.  It was beautiful and a nice addition to their town, then went for a Mexican lunch.  It was good, but compared to the Mexican food in Utah, it was pretty plain.  There aren't as many Hispanic people in Wyoming so not many good Mexican restaurants. 
3.  We stopped at South Pass City and toured it.  It is a mining ghost town that has been restored and is one thing that we will do again. We only had 45 minutes to see it all before they closed.  Hopefully we will see it again with the daughters and family in August.
4.  We stopped in Lander, WY.  I had never been downtown.  I always thought it was on the Indian Reservation and a little run down but it was really nice.  We shopped for a Christmas ornament which we do on every trip, had an ice cream cone and toured the town.  The economy is lower than it is in Utah but you can see where the Wyoming school system is good. Most Wyoming towns have new and wonderful schools, but the homes need fixing up. 
5.  We made it home safely after an hour's delay on the interstate for a wreck to be cleared.  We will have to wait and get Fozzie back tomorrow

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