Satruday, July 16th, 2011

1.  Wayne is golfed again with Jim Utley.  This is the most golfing he has done in years and he really likes the guys he gets to play with and has so much fun.
2.  Dinner at Texas Roadhouse.  I love their salad because they chop their tomatoes, and have chopped boiled eggs on it along with the onions and grated cheese.  The Dallas steak is to die for and the baked potato is just right. Then lets talk about the hot rolls...Mmmmmmm
3.  Going to Draper for Draper Days and listening to the Alabama tribute band and the Golden Oldie Band. I knew every song but one by the Doobie Brothers. I even got up and did the twist. Oh yea, I'm that old.
4.  Fireworks, big and many after the concert
5.  Loving to be with my best friend husband and doing things to together.  I never get tired of him and he still makes me laugh and want him even after 40+ years.

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Susan said...

We did the twist on the last cruise we were on and I thought that song (Let's Twist Again) would never end! Can you believe we used to dance like that for hours when we were young. That's probably why we were so skinny. Ha Ha.