Thursday, May 5th, 2011

1.  I got Fozzie all bathed and trimmed which must mean it's Spring.  It takes so long that I have to prep myself by playing music, and taking little breaks but he is done for about 6 weeks or more. He is so good and patient.  He never bites or tries to get down but sometimes he won't look at me because he gets mad. He really is such a good little poodle.
2.  Happy Cinco de Mayo.  It's a good time to reflect on our Mexican wait, we don't have a Mexican in sight in any of our families, but I sure love their food, and we had tacos tonight.
3.We got some hanging flowers at Costco.  They were $10 less than I usually pay.  I will have to watch each night and bring them in if it is going to freeze but they are so lovely.
4. I left the front screen door and the back screen door open all day for fresh air.
5.  I hung the humming bird feeder and haven't seen any yet, but I'm an optimist.

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