Saturday, April 16th, 2011

1.  It was just a perfect day.....the temperature, the birds singing, getting more things done in the yard, going to dinner with my man, watching a movie while eating kettle corn, then going to bed and watching the full bright moon through the bedroom window.
 2.  I have been looking for a painting to put on my wall.  I wanted a BIG one.  We were just driving along and noticed an art sale at the gallery outlet.  Of course the one I got was not on sale but it drew us in and I found mine.  Just the colors and size and price I was looking for.  It was painted by a master student at the Hudson River Art Academy. 
3.  Found my pastel shirt at Penney's just like my chorus director said.  I think it's so funny.  Since when does a man know exactly what and where to buy blouses?  Well, he did, and not only that...he was there.  ha ha
4.  Put together a basket of yellow tulips to sit on my buffet.  It gives the dining room some color. They are silk and I prefer real, but they will last longer through the Easter holiday.
5.  Put up my Easter decorations.

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