Sunday, June 26th

1.  My little sister was born on this day.  She was like my doll.  I could dress her, do her hair and play with her.  Happy Birthday Margaret.
2.  Seeing Kee, her sister Bobbie and her daughters and Lissie and Toby. I hadn't see Bobbie in years and never her daughters... who are now teens.
3.  Loving my camera and taking pictures at every turn.  The next time I get one it will probably be a Canon too.
4.  Touring  the Old Faithful Inn, seeing Old Faithful go off and walking around looking at all the other geysers in Yellowstone Park.
5.  Spending the night with Jim and Marjie and seeing their beautiful new home.  They have done it up right
and it is so homey.  Visiting with them again is so fun.

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