Monday, June 13th, 2011

1.  Checking out vintage stores and maybe finding a bedroom chair....but then again, maybe not.  I have to decide.
2.  My hubby took apart the garden bench, restained the wood and painted the iron.  It looks so much better.  Did I mention that he is hyper active?  You see lots of posts like this I know, and I am very grateful his batteries don't run down easily.
3.  Leftover fresh pineapple, cherries, pork and no bake cookies
4.  Reading my Ensign magazine and am  in awe of the great talks therein.
5.  Watching the joy as the little kids play in the park. I want to go down the spiral slide.  I may have to sneak over to the park at night and do it when no one is watching.

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Kaye said...

I found a new consignment store in Lehi- between the old Albertsons and the new bowling alley. I think it is called "Forget Me Not". I bought a little table for P's room. And, BTW, I know a great new playground, so pick me up. I think our ward is having a run on no-bakes today!