Sunday, May 15th, 2011

1.  A lady that I visit teach ( and who has been going through round after round of chemotherapy,)  spoke in church for the first time in 10 years and did a wonderful job.  For all that she has been through, she is upbeat,
sweet and hopeful.
2.  Sitting at the park reading a book and watching the grand kids play on the playground equipment and by the creek.  The sun was shining, and except for the blustery wind, it was so pleasant.
3.  Celebrated Amy's birthday with chicken Parmesan, broccoli rotini and ice cream and cookies. 
4.  Shon and family are here and Emerson was so excited to have his cousins back again.  They played  non-stop until bed time. Toby and Lissie were so good to keep him occupied and took him to visit the neighbors, jump on the trampoline, and help him ride his new bike.  Shon worked on my computer, still couldn't get it working right but hasn't given up YET.
5.  A good hair day.

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