Saturday, May 21st, 2011

1.  Wes' and Wayne's birthday dinner with BBQ ribs, spinach salad, carrot sticks, artichoke hearts, fruit and dip.  Jello cheesecake for Wayne and yellow cake with chocolate frosting for Wes.  We do eat well at our house, especially when I am not the cook.
2.  Shon gave Wayne an RC airplane for his birthday and all the guys went to fly it.  Wayne had never done it before and almost hit a house.  Shon grabbed the control and averted an embarrassing situation.  Wes took the controls and crashed it.  He owes Wayne a new propeller. LOL  They had a fun time.
3.  I mowed the lawn while Wayne went golfing again.  I trimmed trees and bushes and pulled weeds.  The yard gets better every week.  It might be time to take some pictures.
4.  The blue birds are still visiting and the humming birds are still humming and now we have some doves, a yellow finch and robins all singing to me every day.  Life is good.
5.  The world did not end.  Good thing, because I have a lot more to do in my life before I go.

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Kaye said...

How is it that I live just a few houses away and all I have are robins and magpies???