Thursday, April 14th, 2011

1.  Margaret and Jim, Ned and Kate, and Amy and Emerson came for a BBQ.  We had a good time and some good laughs.  Jamie and Easton also came to visit. Ned and Kate leave in the morning.
2.  My eyes quit watering for a day so I could wear eye make-up and gave my eyelids a chance to heal from all the allergies I have been having.
3.  Found some new black heels that may work for my upcoming concert.  I have a hard time wearing any heels since I fell and broke my leg and had surgery on my foot.
4.  My SIL had surgery but is doing OK and is home from the hospital.  She struggles with arthritis, scoliosis, migraines, and fibromyalgia so my prayers are with her.
5.  Wayne's sense of humor.  I get to laugh every day.

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MOM/SUSAN said...

So glad you found some heels, but have you found a short sleeved pastel blouse? I've been to three malls, every department store and finally found a long sleeved lavender blouse at Sears! What's a woman to do? It seems to be the spring of jewel tones--how ironic.